Saturday, August 30, 2008

Experimenting with Ubiquity

For those of you who know what Ubiquity is, I'll keep this brief. For the non-initiated, take a second to read about what many describe as Quicksilver for Firefox:

You can install it here, read the tutorial and then come back when up to speed.

Cool stuff, right? So I took a look at their wiki earlier and was kind of surprised to find that nothing was listed there for Ruby...but you could search for php functions? I took their code and hacked it up a bit:

Easiest way to play with this in my opinion is, once you've installed Ubiquity, test it at chrome://ubiquity/content/editor.html

As you can see from the gist, its pretty easy to create a new command to play with and you can easily add in search capability for your favorite site. If its well known there's a shot someone's done that already.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool and imagine over time it will enable some pretty interesting mashups. Its almost a more powerful and approachable version of Yahoo Pipes, albeit a different sort of beast.

As I get time I'll be playing more with it, probably hooking up some nice Merb search capabilities. Feel free to drop some comments if you have some ideas, but perhaps aren't familiar with Javascript or coding in general. Enjoy!

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Brian said...

Sweet. I may take this and use it to search the ruby and rails apis simultaneously. Although, This is already a great tool for that.