Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Recently I've been looking over my various github projects, and am trying to give some love to things I haven't touched in a while. First up: acts_as_commentable.

A small amount of history first: the plugin was originally developed at

There've been many comments on it since then. My original intention was to port it over to something we could use in Merb. Turns out that actually didn't require much...actually, it was basically just an extra require in the library. I've touched things up a bit and have updated the repo at

I've sent an email to the original author as I'm not trying to pirate his/her stuff...we'll see what comes of that, but I noticed the other day that there were 54 or so watchers (and on a tangent--I mentioned that in #github and this might have sparked some ideas along the line of being able to easily see who's watching your repos), so hopefully those who're interested can play with things, and finally have a vehicle to contribute if desired.

Please feel free to send me comments, patches, etc. Something this widely used is just being for community support and feedback.

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