Monday, December 1, 2008

a possible addition to

The same questions get answered many times a day in #merb and I have to think there's a better way, especially for dependency issues. Whether is a rubygems issue, one with Merb or any of the typical libraries people use it with, or just some random little bug you only see on windows, I haven't seen a good way to track and relate all of this information. Some goes on a wiki, some is remembered and routinely typed back by various people in #merb, some goes to the mailing list. It shouldn't have to be this way, and I'm hoping this idea will help:

dependency hell mitigator

The implementation would be dead simple, probably something like a tag cloud. It'd rely on people entering info and trying to keep things up to date...but hopefully this would result in a more organized and useful collection of all the various tricks we employ to get through those moments of keyboard tossing and mice bashing.

As usual anyone interested in coding this up is more than welcome to--the source is at jackdempsey/builtbythenet If enough people like this idea then I'll probably start in on it myself at some point and see where it goes.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea. I support. +5, yo.

carpeliam said...

hmm, i gave it +3 (I'd personally like to use Merb on my tablet, I foolishly clicked on the fake link you suggested when you had this idea on IRC), but i wonder- does this really mitigate the problem, or just give merbists-in-the-know a different url to send to those with problems in IRC/mailing list?

Jack Dempsey said...


Thanks, I hope to have some time soon to work on it. Stay tuned.


Not sure what you mean by the fake link, but sorry if I jammed you up somehow.

I do think it will mitigate the problem--right now there isn't one good location for these issues, and given my involvement with Merb and how often I communicate and help people with these types of issues, I wouldn't worry about it staying as an in-the-know kind of place. My hope would be that it would help people help themselves and find the answers quickly. It could also help cut down the traffic in #merb and on the mailing list where people often have the same issue.